Issues worth noting from to 0.0.2:

  • The FinGameWorks/UniLWP/Droid menu items are grouped into sections for better readability. You can also use Project Settings/UniLWP/Droid panel which would provide the same functionality.

  • Meta-data editing are now available directly within Editor (Unity 2020+).

  • Changes of meta-data flags in UniLWP aar plugins:

    • unilwp.behavior.floating removed
    • unilwp.behavior.settings.notifyButton replaced by unilwp.style.activity.launch.display
    • unilwp.behavior.resistToUpdate removed
    • unilwp.behavior.activity.expanded replaced by unilwp.behavior.preview.button.settings
    • unilwp.behavior.lifecycle.resumeWithoutHolder replaced by unilwp.behavior.screen.off.early
    • unilwp.behavior.activity.bypassCheck renamed to unilwp.behavior.activity.bypass.initial
    • unilwp.ref.class.screensaver.service added
    • unilwp.ref.class.launcher.activity added
    • unilwp.ref.class.wallpaper.service added
  • UniLWP.Droid now launches LiveWallpaperLauncherRedirectActivity instead of LiveWallpaperPresentationActivity. LiveWallpaperLauncherRedirectActivity, as you can guess from its name, is a launcher activity (meaning it adds an icon to your app drawer) to launch different activities depending on different configurations. Please refer to unilwp.style.activity.launch.display flag for different styles.