Unity Ads support is experimental but it should work on 0.0.2 and up.

Ads support has two limitations for now:

  • The Initial Activity Check Bypass flag should be enabled (The editor script will do this automatically)
  • You can only show an ad in activity, not wallpaper.

To enable it, you need to:

  • Go to the UniLWP Ad setting panel at Project Settings/UniLWP/Droid/Ads Integration

  • Click ‘Activate’ button. This step will:

    • Add UNILWP_ADS to your Android platform define symbols to enable certain blocks of code bound by #ifdef conditional compile flags
    • Set unilwp.behavior.activity.bypass.initial to true so that Unity Ads native library could acquire a proper context via UnityPlayer.currentActivity at startup.
  • Click ‘Unity Ads Settings’ button to setup your ads and optionally add ads dependency.