Free Version


The free version, UniLWP.Droid.Free, is hosted on GitHub as an UPM package.

  • To import, first open package manager via menu Window/Package Manager.

  • Then, at the top-left of the newly opened package manager window, you will find a plus sign. Click on it and select Add package from git URL...

  • Paste the following URL into the field and press enter:
  • Unity should download and load UniLWP.Droid as an UPM-formatted dependency.

Or, if you are familiar with package.json, you are free to do paste this line into your json file:

   "": "" // this line


Toggle Project Settings panel via menu path Edit/Project Settings...

  • Go to Project/Player and adjust certain items:
    • In Player/Resolution and Presentation, make sure that both Optimized Frame Pacing and Render Over Native UI are unchecked.
    • In Player/Other Settings, make sure that both Mute Other Audio Sources and Filter Touches When Obscured are unchecked, the Minimal API Level is Android 7.0 Nougat (API Level 24). You might also want to change Graphics APIs to OpenGLES3 only, but that is optional.
  • Go to Project/Audio and adjust certain items:
    • Check Disable Unity Audio if you don’t want your wallpaper to play sounds.


It is the same as the default Unity build pipeline, that you only need to trigger a build through the default File/Build And Run menu path. The plugin will be packed into the final apk file and be initialized as soon as possible to handle Unity lifecycles.